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Leader’s Speech

Published:2019/2/14 9:34:55

 Du Wenjun was born in Qi County, Hebi City, Henan in December 1964. He is a college graduate, a senior veterinarian and an honorary professor of College of Husbandry and Animal Medicine Engineering of Henan Agricultural University. He is Chairman of Henan Doyoo (Group) Industrial Co., Ltd. He has higher theoretical level and rich practical experience in the aspects of feed production, husbandry, food production and enterprise management.
In 1984, Du Wenjun established Henan Doyoo (Group) Industrial Co., Ltd. and led thousands of farmers to get rich. In the past over 20 years, Du Wenjun won many honors including National Rural Young Entrepreneur, Henan Top 10 Outstanding Youth and National Excellent Husbandry Entrepreneur, etc.
During 1984-2005, Du Wenjun initiated the agriculture industrialization cooperation mode of “Company + Farmer” and “Company + Base + Farmer”, changed the backwardness including high cost of free range, low benefit and wasting of resources, developed the professional farmers and villages, eliminated many uncertain elements including uncontrolled medicine residual during farmer breeding and successfully guaranteed the food safety of our products in the international trade.
In 2006, Du Wenjun initiated the new development mode of agriculture industrialization of “five-into-one” with the Chinese characteristics. The “five-into-one” mode solves the difficulties including project, capital, technology, risk, etc. as well as the problems of continuous income growth and transformation and utilization of grain, serves agriculture, countryside and farmers, and develops an effective development path for new socialist countryside.
  Du Wenjun advocates the business philosophy of “Process, Innovation, Team, Sharing”, the mission of “Care for Human Health, Enrich Countryside and Farmers”, and leads “Doyoo people” and thousands of farmers on the road of modern agriculture and new development of husbandry industry.

Realize the Common Dream—Chairman Speech

Founder and Chairman of Doyoo Du Wenjun

  Based on “Root in Agriculture”, we put forward the slogan of “Serve the World”: We are full of passion with the arrival of new century and the belief of enterprise internationalization.
  Our company faces greater development opportunities and accompanies traps and risks. Therefore, we must keep the crisis consciousness at any time, ***oid hazardous actions and achieve stable development. In the future, as a modern enterprise, our company will own modern commercial culture and carry forward the virtue including diligence, credit, innovation, quality, etc. accumulated in the past. The enterprise that summarizes experience will h***e good development prospect.
   Gather more customers, talents and friends, provide good service for their development and develop into the community of interests, business and value. At that time, our company will h***e good development prospect.
  We strive for the objective and realize our common dream.


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