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Management Team

Published:2019/2/14 9:34:48

DOYOO was founded by Du Wenjun in 1984. DOYOO has developed into a large enterprise group with more than 18,000 employees. The management team consists of many technical experts with the richest experience in the industry.

Du Wenjun, the founder and Chairman of DOYOO in charge of the strategic plan of the group
In 1983, Du Wenjun graduated from Anyang Agricultural University, Henan, and worked in the Municipal Husbandry Bureau of Qi County, Hebi.
In 1984, he resigned from the Municipal Husbandry Bureau of Qi County, Hebi and went to the countryside to seek a new development road of the animal husbandry.
In 1986, he initiated the business model of “Company + Farmers” and promoted the development of the local breeding industry.
In 1995, he explored the business model of animal husbandry industrialization of “Company + Base + Farmers”, promoted the development of the rural breeding industry, complemented the advantages of the enterprise and farmers, and achieved mutual benefit and common development.
In 2006, he decided to develop modern broiler industry by using the concept of industrialization according to many years of practice summary. He initiated the “five-into-one” development mode of agriculture industrialization of “Company + Standard Breeding Base + Professional Cooperative + Rural Financial Institution + Bonding Company”, and solved three problems including difficult loan, high risk and low profit which trouble farmers for a long term. There are 35 standard broiler breeding bases with an annual slaughtering amount of three million in every new production base. Every breeding base covers an area of 120mu (about 80,000m2), and uses 1500m deep terrestrial heat well for heat supply. There are chicken on the elevated net in the henhouse. The geothermal heating is adopted in winter, and the cooling pad is used in summer. The automation control of “feeding, water supply, temperature control, humidifying and ventilation” in the henhouse has been realized. As a result, the ***erage cost of geothermal heating is only one-eighth of the cost of coal heating. The geothermal heating can s***e cost and ***oid environmental pollution. Meanwhile, the output value per mu of the breeding base is more than 100 times that of the normal crop cultivation. The efficiency of land use of the breeding base is more than 10 times that of the traditional broiler free-range farm, thereby s***ing land resources. The breeding technology has won national patent for many times.
In 2011, through 28 years of development, our company has made the following achievements by using the expansion modes including new construction, acquisition, merger, holding, etc. The total assets reach RMB 11 billion. There are 16 subsidiaries and holding enterprises. The main business covers biopharmaceutical, breeding and feed and extends to cultivation, slaughter, preliminary/deep processing, deep processing of subsidiary products, etc. The industrial model covers the whole process from the farmland to the dining table. Our company is among the top three in the national broiler industry and the top 10 in the national feed industry. More than 25,000 jobs are provided and the breeding scale of broilers accounts for more than 25% in the domestic industry.


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Address:5/F, Hengmei Business Building, No.22, Dongfeng Road, Jinshui District,Zhengzhou City, Henan Province Phone:4006-199-199+86-371-65821166