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Brand CIS

Published:2019/2/14 9:34:41

The Interpretation of the symbol of DOYOO:

  The letter “D” in DOYOO represents DEVELOPMENT; “Y” represents YIELD; and the rest three “Os” represent the O***ECTIVE, OBLIGING and OPENNESS respectively.
   This design takes red as dominant color, which dose not only transmit our vitality and affinity in a commodity industry, but also convey a brand-new image of a modern enterprise.

  Just as the symbol SONY and LENOVO for their each own company, the word DOYOO is possessed by Doyoo Group exclusively. An exclusive vocabulary for an enterprise can convey definite information, and help to overcome the obstacles in language and word and difficulties in expression. Furthermore, since it is a graphic symbol of language, it is very convenient to transmit and remember. All those effects are hardly achieved by common words. Morever, the design of DOYOO is explicit in its meaning, and *** in its image, which fully displays the spirit and character of Doyoo, and enables the relevant persons to recognize Doyoo immediately. In VI, the symbol DOYOO is the foundation for any modification, and the very core of VI. Any graphs, fonts, colors and integrated modes involved in VI should all reflect the philosophy implied by DOYOO.

 In 2006, Doyoo introduced a brand-new corporate image and corporate philosophy comprehensively, which includes the MI (Mind Identity), BI (Beh***ior Identity) and VI (Visual Identity). And the MI of Doyoo is an integrated reflection of the existence value, economic thoughts, and enterprise spirits of Doyoo, which plays the most important part in the development of Doyoo. Moreover, MI is our leading consciousness, which promotes the production and management during the development of Doyoo. This consciousness runs through every aspect of our activities, especially in the decision-*** of some important issues, such as significant objectives and social responsibility of Doyoo, and plays a directing and guiding role for the beh***iors of Doyoo.

   We hope “Doyoo” could introduce MI and VI Corporate Identity System fully to display a dramatic difference from our competitors in a short time, and establish a more amiable image gradually. We hope to turn our product competitiveness into brand competitiveness, and make Doyoo brand more authoritative in this market.

  ■■□Design explanation for symbol of DOYOO and the abbreviation for Chinese name

The symbol of DOYOO and the abbreviation for Chinese name appear in various occasions in vocabularies with its unique style. They count on the word vision to convey corporate image accurately, enjoy a strong character and sense of beauty, and are very easy to read. DOYOO, the symbol of Doyoo, is a coined word, especially referred to Doyoo food and corporate. It conforms to the word-formation principle of English. With concise and nice image, this symbol is rather easy to recognize and transmit.

  ■■□Design principle for symbol:

The entire symbol of DOYOO and the abbreviation for Chinese name is *** and concise in image. They are mutual completion of motion and stillness full of dynamics. And since they originate from the shape of modern words, they are modest, nice, lively and fashionable, with strong sense of the times and visual impact.

■■□Design explanation for standard color:

The standard color is the specific color for Doyoo to strengthen the visual stimulus and enhance the recognition for our company.
 The symbol of Doyoo Food and abbreviation for Chinese name take red as the dominant color, which does not only transmit our vitality and affinity in a commodity industry, but also convey a brand new image of a modern enterprise.  
   Color could be firstly perceived by our eyes. The color could attract people’s attention, so it is a necessary measure for us. The red of Coca-Cola is undoubtedly one of the most successful examples. Its color strongly attracts people’ eyes.

Different colors h***e different characters and emotional meanings. For instance, red represents enthusiastic, positive, auspicious, and happy, but it can also express the feeling of danger and terror; blue represents tranquility, sublime, propounding, cooling, but it can also express an sense of retreating and depth; while yellow is sprightly, glorious, loyal and pure, which conveys a feeling of youth and energy.
   However, we can use the color to match each other for a new sense. For example, red goes with black, demonstrating a classic and unsophisticated feeling, while the red goes with yellow, a brisk atmosphere. Therefore, Doyoo Food selects colors which could reflect the corporate spirit and its industry character. The standard color of Doyoo is comprised of standard color and complementary color. The standard color adopts the gradient color. Therefore, it is easy to memorize with strong impression. At the same time, it is hard to be the same with other companies, and reveals our character obviously.


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