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The jia village unveiling ceremony

Published:2019/2/14 9:34:20

On September 29, 2011, henan use group was fine chicken breeding project was inaugurated in HuoJiaXian east temple camp was held breeding area. Group chairman of the board of directors, general manager of jiaozuo DuWenJun base BoXing pie, HuoJiaXian county magistrate GuoLiMing and related leadership and too novel all the team members, the villages made party branch secretary took part in the ceremony.

  Unveiling ceremony, chairman of the board of directors DuWenJun addressed, announced by the old group invest in the construction of the HuoJiaXian animal husbandry and aquaculture area in today formally put into production. The fine chicken breeding plot establishment, not only marks a great group in their growth process turn over a new page, at the same time also to solve the cartan farmers obtain employment, promote and food in situ transformation value, for the rural economy and the development of animal husbandry played a positive role.

  Use will be adhering to and peasants common development, and local common prosperity concept, high standard, strict requirement, and shelf the county, the county government deepen cooperation, and seek common development, the project completed quality first-class pilot project, demonstration project, let her be made use of development, HuoJiaXian economic construction role as soon as possible, to return society, government to our expectations.

  Then, county magistrate GuoLiMing, secretary of the party committee ZhuYaoDong also address on the stage, the HuoJiaXian chicken breeding the establishment of community congratulations.

  And then in the warm applause and colorful fireworks, chairman of the board of directors and DuWenJun HuoJiaXian county magistrate GuoLiMing together for farming village official.

  After the opening ceremony, GuoLiMing county magistrate, leaders, accompanied by the chairman of the board, visited a village inside the supporting facilities, including environmental control equipment, geothermal well, ventilation equipment, the cooling equipment, water supply system, etc, the *** introduces in details the plot has the advantage of these advanced equipment, and summarized the general situation of great group now. At the same time introduces the now use group of labor demand, and puts forward to improve employees' life, improve staff welfare, staff to create a good living environment.

  Finally, the chairman of the board DuWenJun once again to long-term care about and support the development of old you express our heartfelt thanks to you for leadership, and describes the development of great prospect, said use will continue to "taking root in agriculture, health care, and benefit the society" for the mission, to "do the world-class agriculture and animal husbandry enterprise" as the vision, quicken the steps of developing, for HuoJiaXian rural economy and animal husbandry development contribution strength.


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