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Use the company and the surrounding farmers rely o

Published:2019/2/14 9:34:14

Use the company and the surrounding farmers rely on each other to h***e a well-off

 Henan use industrial co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the old company) is a company established in 1984 animal husbandry, breeding township and village enterprises. Over the past 18 years, use the company will business antenna reach the whole field of agriculture, leading to thousands of households poverty to well-off society, out of a resource allocation optimization, production link the rational division of labor of the industrialization of animal husbandry production road, to speed up the growth of the enterprise itself at the same time, promote the party the vigorous development of the economy. The products cover the 25 provinces and cities, and exported to Japan, the Middle East and other countries and regions. In 1984, 21-year-old QiXian youth DuWenJun * from bank loans of 5000 yuan, the establishment of a animal husbandry, breeding company. He was thinking is the animal husbandry and veterinary use their professional knowledge, for those who don't understand science farmed folks provide some technical service, help you reduce the risk of breeding, poverty as soon as possible. So he created the "company + peasant household" the new business model, also is helpful to the peasant household credit breeding chicks, breeding pigs, to provide technical services, to provide loan guarantees, guarantee the product purchase. This method makes the local soon emerge a batch of breeding specialized households, ZhuanYeCun. Because of the company undertook the market risk, many make breeding farmers occur for the first time to be yuan household. "The company + peasant household" mode that QiXian of animal husbandry production greatly one step forward. In 1990, QiXian animal husbandry comprehensive rating by 1987 the 85th, the province has become the first.

  But along with the rapid development of the national animal husbandry, especially 1992 years later China's animal product market into the buyer market, animal product prices fell again a fall, many enterprises in the severe market impact, they lok ma. A clear mind big employing through market research and scientific analysis think: want to weaken the impact of market risk, the enterprise must go intensive, the brand management of industrialized production way, in order to scale to reduce risk, with brand against risk. The original "the company + peasant household" mode because of the company and farmers contact loose, show the product quality can't control, market supply cannot assure drawbacks. Experienced wind and rain baptism market big employing after reflection that animal husbandry enterprise cannot chicken trafficker "and" pig trafficker "role, to earn price and market the price difference between the sale price, and should earn is processing, science and technology and brand profit.

  Begin from 1994, use the company according to the optimal allocation of resources, make use of the enterprise's talents technology and capital advantage, has built 450000 sets ZhongJiChang meat, chicken slaughter 10000 only the food processing factory and class slaughter 1000 head of pig meat processing factory. At the same time, the use of farmers in the hands of idle funds more and rural desolated beaches hillsides, labor more resources advantages, the company USES to provide loan guarantees, for the unit with the village, MeiCun funds 600000 yuan, annual market built only 300000 large-scale chicken farm. Use the company through and peasants sign a contract, guarantee the farmers' rate of return on investment in more than 30%. So farmers don't take the risk, but it can obtain the income, manages farm has been the farmer's "drought or waterlogging field".

  Quality is the life of the enterprise, use the company for the sake of high quality products, adopt the breeding hens end eliminate way. Such a day 100000 ~ 120000 chickens, minimum out 10000 only. Use company for senior talents strategy is "rent and le***e", they pay rent experts for a period of time to solve a particular technology to the problem, with and without, s***e a lot of money.

  It is reported, 2002 years old company's sales income amounted to 450 million yuan RMB, the RMB 1600 more than ten thousand yuan, especially successfully pry the technical barriers the "hard" of the Japanese market, to day export 4850 tons of chicken, foreign exchange earning more than $480.


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