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New employee training feeling

Published:2019/2/14 9:05:59

 "Development, target, performance, enthusiasm, honesty" concept, "radical agriculture, health care, and benefit the society" mission, "chicken

  Meat is the staple food, development related accessory industry "orientation," overall cost leadership "strategy, use a after 27 years struggle of enterprise.

  Great attention is paid more attention to talents is the ability of his employees and mentality. Attitude determines destiny, improve communication skills in the individual and organizational performance ascension has important significance.

  Effective communication skills first essentials, not persuade others, but listen to others, this is to become the foundation of effective communicator, to listen to the six principles: eye contact, don't interrupt each other, concentration, positive feedback, understanding rather than evaluation, don't jump to conclusions. Communication of the four skills: ask open-ended questions, repeat what the other person is saying, tell my understanding, silence is gold.

  Effective do listen to six principles and four skills, will make you become others trust and the respect of the people. How do you want to be treated, how to treat people.

  Effective communication and interpersonal relationship is closely linked.

  Every one of us every day in said, but as a result of misrepresentation and cause interpersonal conflict and the resulting in low efficiency of the management of the omnipresent. Said understand his own meaning let people understand and is not an easy thing, success influence others to things not people (talk about beh***ior does not talk about personality), that your true feelings, much less advice mention claim, language play charm, let them understand their mean, speak the truth. Everyone has their own unique communication style, through the master four kinds of typical communication style, make timely and accurate you know someone else communication style, so as to master and different style interpersonal skills. To others like way to treat them.

  Interpersonal relationship is the basic social needs, interpersonal relationship can help others self understanding, interpersonal relationship can achieve self practice and affirmation, interpersonal relationship can be used to self-identification social psychological healthy. Interpersonal relationship, and that the essence of contains: the target, interpersonal relationship is to establish the goal of happy life, harmonious organization, maintain the stability of the society and the world datong. Steps, and establish a good interpersonal relationship must be from personal moral cultivation to start, step by step, and then do as you would be done by, expansion of group in. The environment, and environmental mutual interaction, for the environment change, interpersonal relationship also can produce change, therefore the condition of interpersonal relationship will be environmental impact.

  Enterprise, and his superiors is particularly important to understand the position of the boss, had made the ring boss ask for instructions, work at certain paragraph, take the initiative to report to the boss, boss proposed own opinion to the boss, provide information, in accordance with the boss 'edicts, don't bad-mouthing his boss's gossip.

  Through the training, whether in the existing work or life habits h***e been an ascending, will be a lifetime. Began in

  1984 years of hebi use and then h***e a great development of jiaozuo, zhoukou use, kaifeng use, etc. 27 years of accumulation of grand, all the big employing pride, and use a total of breathing, use of more shine tomorrow!


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